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Anagram Search -- Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Is there a DialABC Anagram software version for the PC or Mac?

The short answer is: No. However, there are a few such programs available elsewhere.

Your anagram search does not find certain words

Please send us a list of missing words and we will try to add them to our dictionaries or find out why or software does not find them.


How about a dictionary of first names?

DialABC already has lots of first and last names in its dictionary. If there is a particular one missing, tell us, and we'll add it right away. We are also planning to offer adding many dictionary options including foreign first and last names for instance.

I like your service. Is this also available in other languages such as Dutch. I would like to know.

We now have a Dutch, German, and a few other dictionaries in addition to the two english ones. We are working on several others. If your favourite language is missing, let us know.

Ask a Question

If you have any questions regarding our online word search tool that are not answered here, please send us email.

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