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Stories (Part 2)

There is the story of the Hi-Tech startup whose main number was something like XXX-FAIL. Then, there are many stories that may not be fit for general consumption. And then, there are these little gems...:

Big Perv

From: Christopher Nichols <>
Subject: phone funny
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002
A year after high school, I moved in with a friend of
mine, and we had a phone number that was apropos for
two 19-year old males: 244-7378 (BIG-PERV).

Caw Coly

Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 14:05:30 -0500
From: John Mitchell 
Subject: one more word to add
My mother's phone number is 229-2659.  When my parents got the 
place, they figured this out to CAW-COLY.  Dad silkscreened a 
crow drinking out of a coke bottle through a straw -- a memorable 
image -- and they sent this out to all their friends.  It worked 
the service rocks!  (and for completeness, please add "caw" to 
your list of words.)
- j

Play Time

Date: Thursday, January 23, 2003 5:02 PM
From: Suzi and Tom 
Subject: Phone number story
I run a home based child care. Having a memorable
phone number helps so that parents can remember it to
call if they will be late, and to help with
advertising of course. My old phone was so easy the
last 4 digits were 1123. I was so upset when my
husband, and active duty Marine received orders and we
had to change our phone number. The new number was
hard for people to remember last 4 are 7529. After a
year of parents telling me they would have called but
forgot my number I sat down and looked deep into the
phone, and my problem was solved... 7529= PLAY the
perfect words to describe a child care :) 
After visiting your sight I have found another perfect
saying, this one for my husband with the same phone
number 2mslaw (Tom Slaw, his nick name in High school)
How cool is that? 

T ROX 730

Date: Sunday, June 30, 2002 2:07 PM
From: Linda L 
Subject: number story
I run a transgender support group and looked at your site to
see if I could find a good way for people to remember the
number of the place we meet. Imagine my delight when I saw:- 

T ROX 730, Transgender ROcks, 7:30pm, our meeting time:-)
- LindaBB

Do you have a good phone number story?

Please do share your phone number story with us. Also, please let us know if it is ok with you if we post it here, and whether or not we should mention your name.

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