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Getting A Vanity Number

How To Get A Personal Vanity Number

What few people realized is that anybody can get a personal vanity number. In fact, you may already have a personal vanity number and not know it. Plan A should be to use our DialABC word search to see if your telephone number(s) has vanity value. It will not cost you anything and it's fun in a useful sort of way. If you are doing this for your business and your business has a range of telephone numbers all starting, you can use our Prefixes Search to see what vanity numbers are already yours.

After you have tried your existing number(s) and failed to find the kinds of words you are looking for, your plan B would be to get a new telephone number -- one which is also a vanity number. We have a different set of tools on our DialABC website that can help you do that. Essentially, it involves picking up the phone, calling the local phone company to order a new phone line while you are in front of the computer and have access to our online tools. How exactly to do that depends on how your phone company hands out new phone numbers.

When asked what local exchange prefix you want to be in, use Compare-Prefixes tool to find out which of the available local exchanged prefixes is statistically most likely to get you a good vanity number.

If the phone company allows you to ask if certain numbers are available within a prefix, use the Prefixes Search tool to pick a vanity number.

If the phone company gives you a choice of several phone numbers to choose from, use the Multiple Word Search tool to search them and show you the results for those numbers on one page.

How To Get A Toll Free Vanity Number

So, you now understand the value of toll free vanity numbers and you want one for yourself or your business. Here are some pointers for you:

Most telephone companies will sell you toll free number services. You can lease a number from them and have any calls to that number sent to your normal telephone line.

Certain companies specialize in the setup of toll free numbers and can route calls based on certain rules depending on the time of day or the location and/or caller id of the caller. In some instances, toll free numbers are shared between clients that only have uses for them within certain geographic areas.

There exists a market for toll free numbers where toll free numbers are bought and sold. You can buy temporary use of a toll free number for a certain time window over a certain area. This is a somewhat strange part of our technological universe that everybody takes for granted but which few understand. If you are looking for such an arrangement, you might want to talk to to one of several consultants that specialize in helping people find the right toll free vanity number for their budget.

More recently, VoIP (computer based telephony) providers have started to offer toll free numbers to their clients close to the cost of normal long distance charges. These toll free calls are then sent to your computer or internet phone using your existing internet connection.

You can also try your luck and get yourself an 800, 866 or 888 number directly from a number of sources and have that number forwarded to your current phone. These vendors may be helpful in varying degrees in terms of helping you find a vanity number as opposed to a plain old random looking number.

You can also use our Toll free Vanity Number Search to see if a particular number is available.

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