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Word Search -- Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Is there a DialABC version for the PC or Mac? If so, I have Win95 and would like to get a copy!

The short answer is: No.

Your word search does not find certain words

Please send us a list of missing words and we will try to add them to our dictionaries or find out why or software does not find them.

If I enable "abbreviations" it finds all sort of strange words in strange places in my phone number

Yes, but some of those matches may be meaningful to somebody else. There are vast differences between people in how they recognize, connect, and remember information. If these "funny" matches bother you, I suggest you do not enable that option. This way, you will be guaranteed to only get the "normal" matches.

Dictionaries and Languages

Are you all Idiots? There is no such thing as the American language. It's called english!

Of course you are right: there is no such thins as an "american language". We just treat it as a different language on this web site since the American spelling of some Enlish words is different from the spelling used in the rest of the english speaking world (little places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and England).

When it comes to finding words in phone numbers, the exact spelling is important, so from our point of view, American English is as different from Oxford English as it is from Catalan or Aafrikans. It's all dictionary data to us.

I like your service. Is this also available in other languages such as Dutch. I would like to know.

We now have a Dutch and and German dictionary in addition to the english one. We are working on several others. If your favourite language is missing, let us know.

Vanity Numbers

I am moving and I am about to get a new phone number. It would be great if you could add something where you only give it the first few digits and it tells you ALL the words starting with these first few digits.

Usually, you dont get to ask for a phone number anymore (since most numbers are taken anyways). Nowadays when you call the phone company to have a new line installed, their representative will give you a choice of several phone numbers to pick from. Many people use the DialABC.com words search for just that purpose.

In order to have this work smoothly, I suggest you play with the word search first to learn how to use it. Then, before you pick up the phone to call the phone company, bring up the DialABC.com word search form again in your web browser. When the phone company sales person offers you the numbers to choose from, you can then feed these numbers one by one through the word search and see what words you get.

By the way, there already is a program out there that will do this for you. Try out www.phonespell.org. We are, however, thinking of adding a similar option to DialABC. Please stay tuned. By the next time you move, we may have this feature.

Report Format

Your table format is strange. Why dont you just dump out a long list?

We understand that the table format does not work for some people. Some people prefer maps while others prefer driving directions. This (displaying words search results) is no different. There are a number of tools on the web that will give you lists of words.

Why did you choose to use the table format?

The table format -- while tricky to generate -- is the most compact way to convey the search results to the user: everything is right there on one page without scrolling around.

Ask a Question

If you have any questions regarding our online word search tool that are not answered here, please send us email.

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